Move Forward with a Mini Coaching Sprint

Learn to transform the jumbled thoughts in your mind into clear points on paper.

— Say what you mean so others will take action. 

— Remove fear by making it clear.

— Create confident change with clear communication.

Your Mini Coaching Sprint is NOT:

- an Expensive Mastermind

- a Recorded Workshop

- Hours of Video Content


Not an Expensive MasterClass

We've been in the expensive Masterclasses, too. Although they mean well, they take a lot of time to develop needed skills and they cost a ton. With the Mini Coaching Sprint, you develop skills quickly and the Sprint is affordable.

Not a Recorded Workshop

We've also been in the workshops that are more like a webinar. The knowledge you receive is limiting and it is difficult to apply the lessons to our work. With the Sprint, we want to get you up to speed and meet you where you are now. 

Not Hours of Video

We've seen the training that takes hours to get through. In today's world, it's difficult to have enough time to sit through a semester's worth of classes. We've streamlined the length of training and use coaching to apply communication lessons to real work. 

We use a proven framework that’s worked at one of the top tech companies in the world!

What if communicating effectively with someone else was as easy as following a proven sequence of questions and brainstorms without the hassle of facing a blank page? What if all you had to do was follow a framework and… BOOM… you had a clear message and a plan to influence others?

This is what the Mini Coaching Sprint can do for you! We mix quick live training followed by intensive one-on-one coaching.

This is YOUR Mini Coaching Sprint

We can help you with a communication challenge you are facing. The Mini Coaching Sprint is designed to help you with:  

  • Getting a boss or colleague to say yes to an idea. 
  • You need to give a speech.
  • You are about to interview for a new position or job. 

The Mini Coaching Sprint is used to build your message and story for your audience and to practice and rehearse your how you will share your information. 

How am I Qualified to Lead the Mini Coaching Sprint?

When I first started working in my career, I interned at a business strategy firm.

Someone asked me to make a flyer for one of our clients. It was awful. It didn’t stick. My managers said the messages were confusing.

  • I didn’t know how to find clarity.
  • I didn’t know how to write.
  • I didn’t know what a key message was.

I was embarrassed.

Afterwards, I promised myself that I would learn to create messages that changed people’s behavior. 

I eventually ended up at AT&T working in corporate America as an internal communication consultant.

I started consulting anyone who would let me. Soon, I had so many people coming to me I needed to come up with a process to find clarity quickly. 

The messages were working.

In 2014, six years ago, I left the certainty of Corporate America to be a lone consultant. 

It was the scariest thing I’ve done.

  • I had zero clients. 
  • The little money I had saved was evaporating. 
  • And my runway was ending.


It was someone I worked with before. She was about to get fired from her job. 

They gave her the lowest rating possible in her performance review…  which is a death sentence in corporate America. 

The weird thing, she had the results to show that she was a badass. But someone didn’t like her. 

We collaborated on the phone and created a key message. We built a simple plan of attack.

We reversed her performance review. 

My Mini Coaching Sprint was born.

I began taking my framework to small business in Dallas and then back to corporate America. 

I traveled across the country to teach corporate workshops. 

I taught at one of the biggest technology companies in the world.

People started changing how they communicated. 

They started influencing others inside their organization. 

Some people even used my method to help others outside of their work.  

And you know what?

It’s so simple. Anyone can go through my mini communication coaching sprint… 

And when they come out… they are able to influence others and be seen as an achiever. A leader. A force.

This is the Power of a Mini Coaching Sprint.

Communicating is Like Taking a Professional Picture

Photographers use framing so viewers will focus on the subject in their photo. Framing highlights what the artist wants the viewer to see in his or her portrait.

Framing in communication is no different. The way you craft your message or express an idea creates a frame, highlighting the meaning you want your listener to hear from your message.

For ALL Managers, Experts, Job Seekers who Feel Stuck and:

  • are not confident in communicating 
  • can’t express the value in what they’re communicating
  • don’t understand their expertise or how it relates to what they are doing 
  • cannot understand how to express ideas with impact
  • cannot get others to see how you have impacted the business
  • cannot get others to see how your research, insight, idea will improve products and service
  • can’t get others to see how your expertise and action will provide value

I have a message for you… a message I wish I could’ve given myself 10 years ago:

If you feel that being a beginner at communication and influence is your disadvantage… it's not. Having a beginner's mind is more critical than being an expert…

You can change and be a master communicator! 

Inside Your Mini Coaching Sprint Is EVERYTHING You Need

to get others to adopt your ideas and be a confident communicator!

Benefit #1: 

Create a Foundation of Communication Skills


Often when communicating we don’t know what makes an influential message. Because of this, when we speak people are sometimes confused. Sometimes they even react negatively because they simply do not understand.

Our Coaching Sprints make it easy to find clarity and a plan to begin influencing your colleagues at the office or a board of directors.

You might be thinking, “There is now way I can create a plan to influence others in under two hours.”

Thanks to our Coaching Sprints, we have become efficient at asking the right questions that spur the right thoughts to get you the clarity you need.

Don’t worry even if you haven’t tried to use influence skills before, you will be a master influencer at the end of your third week. 

Benefit #2: 

Build the Frame of Your Message


Sometimes when we speak it is hard for others to understand what we are really trying to say. It’s hard for people to “get it” and be willing to accept what you have to say on face value. 

Framing a message gives you the ability to put an invisible box around your message. It causes the listener to only be able to hear your message from an influential context. The frame helps your listener understand your context. 

Our Coaching Sprints  teach you the basics of building a message and how you can apply persuasion sciences to your work!

Benefit #3: 

Learn Persuasion Points


Have you ever felt obligated to say yes to someone, especially a sales person? Chances are they were using invisible means to get you to say yes. These are social triggers and shortcuts that we have developed over thousands of years to help us quickly make a decision. 

Guess what? People are using those at your work on you. And you don’t even know. 

Use the power of the social sciences to naturally persuade your audience. Get your ideas accepted.

You might say: "Oh but this is unethical and slimy." 

I say to you: We are helping them more quickly see the value in your idea… without the confusion, the skepticism and uncertainty. Really, we are doing them a favor and serving them by putting the work in on the front end. We are not going to cause fear by unclear, uncertain communication. 

Benefit #4: 

Be Prepared


Learn the communication tools and tricks that professionals use. Practice with a professional communication coach who will help you prepare for your meeting or presentation. 

Get instant feedback and tips to be more persuasive. 


What if the Mini Coaching Sprint could give you a strategic plan to communicate your idea in the most influential way possible? 

This is what the Mini Coaching Sprint can do for you!

It gives you the best plan to communicate your story and message while learning communication skills. It forces you to communicate clearly and prepare.

It’s NOT a mentoring circle.
It’s NOT a tedious eBook
It’s NOT hours of videos.

It is a shortcut on being influential!

Here’s EVERYTHING You Need to

BUILD your story and message to get others to hear you and understand you: 


Session One:

One hour and 45 minute Story Development: Brainstorm and build a message and story from your expertise and background. 

Session Two:

60-Minute Coaching Session to train on how to answer specific questions with your story and message.

Session Three:

60-Minute Coaching Session to train on how to answer specific questions with your story and message. 

Create a Communication Message and Story and Practice with an Expert Communicator

Total Value: $1,500

$350 Today!


Clear Points uses the greatest and simplest communication tools I’ve found to develop, shape, and master a speech or presentation. I recently had the privilege of delivering a presentation for a workshop at AT&T’s largest internal national conference. With true clarity, the message was meaningful to the audience, helped them entrance the vision, and empowered them to execute and deliver. 

— David Williams, AT&T


“Working with Jimmy gave me the clarity and direction I was looking for in my marketing language. Jimmy’s keen listening skills, his attention to detail and the way he transformed my jumbled words and thoughts was amazing. I now feel I can communicate clearly what it is that I do, but more importantly I am able to communicate the difference I make in the lives of my clients.”

— Kathy Archer, Silver River Coaching


Thank you, Jimmy Epperson! Your program is awesome. You gave me the confidence to know that when I communicate to people about my business, I am being clear and concise. The proof is  that more people come up to me to learn more about my services I give a  talk or when I give my elevator speech at a networking event. It really made a huge difference.

— John Bartell, Entrepreneur 


Working with Jimmy helped me immensely and helped me to see my concept from a completely different perspective I hadn't even considered. If you are needing help to organize your thoughts, create an outline for a project, or build the foundation of your concept, I would highly recommend contacting him. It is well worth it!

— Jenn Hassin, Artist


I just want to give a shoutout to Jimmy for helping me hone my message! Clarifying and honing my message, by that I mean helping me flesh out the core components of my message in a clear, orderly fashion.

— Paul Brown, Author


I’m starting a new business. I’ve always considered myself an entrepreneur at heart. But I never had a clear understanding of how to get my message across. Within a few minutes I knew exactly what my business proposal was and what benefits I could give my customers. I’d recommend Clear Points to anyone needing help with communication. Clarity is key.

— Chris Butcher, Optometrist and Business Analyst

The Mini Coaching Sprint is NOT for everyone: 

  • It’s NOT for sales people because it’s not a sales program. 
  • It’s NOT for people who lack expertise in a subject.
  • It’s NOT for people who are NOT willing to put in the work. 
  • It’s NOT for people who are underachievers.


The Good News is It’s SPECIALLY designed for

Managers, Experts and Job Seekers: 

It works perfectly for:

  • Engineers who own a company and need help influencing colleagues, business partners or employees. 
  • Managers in Learning and Development
  • Managers in a technology company or organization
  • Data scientists who want to suggest an experiment
  • Recent College Graduates
  • HR professionals
  • Overachievers perceived as underachievers


“Hi, My name is Jimmy Epperson and I was a communication consultant who did not know how to write messages that could change people’s behavior.”

If you are like me then we have two things in common:

1. I didn’t know the fundamental elements that make sound communication. I am so grateful that through hard work and necessity I have created a process that has helped thousands of people in corporate America and across the world.

2. I always felt like I was a used car salesman when sharing my ideas  (no offense)

But I know how important influencing is. Without the skills to communicate effectively and influence others, your career cannot progress. So I had no choice. I had to learn it.

I clearly remember how intimidating it was to share my ideas, without knowing what to say or who to talk to... I don’t want you to experience endless hours of facing a blank page or a blank whiteboard with the uncertainty on how to prepare.

I felt HORRIBLE and OVERWHELMED during those moments. 


That was…

THE REASON Why I created the Mini Coaching Sprint.

I don’t want you to feel Horrible, Overwhelmed, and Frustrated. 

Thanks to our sprints…

 You NEVER EVER have to think, “OMG, What am I going to say? How am I going to say it? What am I even supposed to say to get this approved.”

Inside Your Mini Coaching Sprint

Here’s EVERYTHING You Need to

BUILD your story and message to get others to hear you and understand you: 


Session One:

One hour and 45 minute Story Development: Brainstorm and build a message and story from your expertise and background. 

Session Two:

60-Minute Coaching Session to train on how to answer specific questions with your story and message.

Session Three:

60-Minute Coaching Session to train on how to answer specific questions with your story and message. 

Create a Communication Message and Story and Practice with an Expert Communicator. 

Total Value: $1,500

$350 Today!

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